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Welcome from Dr. Gerard Farris
Functional and Metabolic Medicine Practice

"Practicing the medicine of tomorrow, today."
So what is Functional Medicine anyway?  It involves optimizing your health and decreasing risk from chronic disease.

Our medical treatment is based on the 5 Pillars of optimal health.  These include: hormonal balance, science based supplementation, nutrition, exercise and mind/body rejuvenation.

By incorporating these concepts, our goal is to help our patients achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible.  This practice decreases risk for all chronic diseases and can reverse the "diseases of affluence" such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

We employ a personalized approach to each patient to help them achieve their goals and vitality.

Our plans can be scaled from simple to complex to help you on your journey to freedom from disease.  Our ultimate goal is to help you age gracefully while maximizing your health benefits.

By achieving these goals, we can increase your performance in the gym, the board room and the bedroom.

Photograph by Mary Spitler

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